6 Great Pizzas To Embrace The Change To Fall

The change to fall means the leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are getting colder. Fall means it is time to sit down to hearty and filling meals that will fill you up and allow you to embrace the flavors of autumn. Pizza can be a great option. 

1. Pear and Walnut

If you have been waiting to enjoy some great pears, then fall is the time to dig into this juicy fruit. Pears have a unique flavor profile that works exceptionally well when paired up with some walnuts, which will add a meatiness to your pizza, along with some gorgonzola cheese, which will take the flavor profile of this pizza to the next level.

2. Caramel Apple Pizza

The other fruit of fall is apples. When it comes to enjoying apples on your pizza, have a little fun with a caramel dessert pizza. For a caramel apple pizza, you will start with a sugar cookie dough crust, mix up some peanut butter with some cream cheese for a delicious sauce, and top the pizza with some apples, peanuts, and caramel drizzle. You need a little dessert in the fall, and this pizza is the perfect treat.

3. Pesto Pizza with Beets

It is time to try a new kind of pesto pizza. Beets are in season right now, and they make a delicious topping for a pizza when paired with some flavorful goat cheese, kale, and a little pesto. This pizza is all about balancing out the ingredients so that you can enjoy all the intense flavors together.

4. Sausage and Potatoes

Sausage and pantoates are a tremendous hearty fall or winter meal, and they taste even better when you put them together on a pizza. You will need to slice the potatoes up nice and thin and crumble up the sausage. Be sure to add a little rosemary for a burst of flavor and depth, and use some fontina cheese for a nice creamy touch.

5. Bacon, Squash, and Spinach

Bacon is good throughout the year, and squash is delicious in the fall. The rich flavor and softness of squash pair perfectly with the crispiness of bacon. Add a little spinach in for some healthy greens and a drizzling of feta for a burst of flavor without making these too cheesy, and you have a fall meal that is hard to resist served on a delicious crust.

6. Caramelized Apple & Bacon

You can use an apple to make a hearty pizza as well as a dessert pizza. Take an apple, slice it up thin, and pair it with some bacon, caramelized onions, and a little blue cheese for a flavor treat.

This fall, change things up and order a pizza that embraces fall flavors with one of the topping combinations suggested above. Or call your local pizza restaurant, order a pizza, curl up with a blanket, and enjoy the joy that a great slice of pizza can add to your life.

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