A Touchless Water Station For Outdoor And Indoor Use

A touchless water station will provide fresh water to the community, without the risk of cross-contamination. A station can be installed outdoors or indoors.

Parts Of A Unit

  • power cord
  • cooling equipment (refrigerant and condenser)
  • filter or filter cartridge
  • plumbing
  • spigot
  • cover

Touchless Stations For Outdoor Use

Touchless water stations are becoming more widespread in municipalities. Equipment that is designed to fill countless amounts of water bottles and other containers may feature an elongated spigot that community members will easily be able to access. Infrared technology or a foot pedal is often used to activate the water supply. To prevent damage to equipment that is going to be installed outdoors, a metal framework and cover may be secured over the cooling unit and filtration device.

An outdoor dispenser can complement the aesthetics of an outdoor area. For instance, if a station is going to be set up at a park or another scenic venue, the owner of the equipment may want to install a rock wall or another decorative border around the area where water will be accessed. Signage and an entryway to the outdoor station will be necessary, to allow public citizens to identify and access the station.

Touchless Stations For Indoor Use

A foodservice industry, a gym, an office, or an industrial setting will support the use of a touchless station. If a lot of people will be frequenting a commercial business, they may be thankful to have access to fresh, purified water. An indoor station's cooling unit can be set on the flooring or concealed above a ceiling.

Plumbing pieces and a spigot will need to be attached to a water station. A spigot can be extended from a wall. This will provide a viable way to access fresh water, without minimizing space within a place of business. A water station will need to remain plugged in. This will ensure that chilled water is available at all times. Indoor stations reduce the need for vending machines, bottled water, and other beverage equipment or supplies. A business owner may be able to save money by having a touchless water station at their disposal.

Upon having water station equipment installed, a service plan should be prepared. The filter that a unit requires will need to be swapped out at scheduled intervals. The other components of a water station should be inspected and cleaned at times that have been outlined in a service plan. 

For more info, contact a local company that offers touchless water stations for cities

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